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Date:      Thu, 10 Dec 2009 20:58:46 +0000
From:      David Southwell <>
Subject:   Re: Root exploit for FreeBSD
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> On Thu, 10 Dec 2009 20:21:26 +0100
> Julian H. Stacey <> replied:
> >> Fortuantely, I had no problem setting up a "black" FreeBSD box to
> >> preserve my sanity.
> >
> >A tip for those threatened with no BSD box at work:
> >FreeBSD runs fine _inside_ a box that looks like a multi sheet scanner.
> >OK, slow, but invisible to managers who require MS only.
> >
> >These scanners often lie abandoned in company junk rooms (& cheap
> >on web), as people know they used to need MS's abandoned NT (= Not
> >There) operating system.  Well they do ... until one installs BSD.
> >Credit to David M. who did the FreeBSD work. Pictures of hardware
> >to look for in junk rooms:
> >
> >Cheers,
> >Julian
> Out of pure morbid curiosity, would you please answer this question for
> me.
> You work for a corporation that specifically requires the use of
> a specific OS, the OS itself is not material to this question. It also
> forbids the use of any unauthorized OS or equipment on the companies
> network. You decide to ignore their directives and eventually:
> 1) Get caught
> 2) Cause a problem with the company's network, etc.
> Now, when you get fired and possible charged with a crime, do you:
> 1) Cry and bitch that they are being unfair?
> 2) Accept the fact that you deserved to be dismissed?
> Where I use to work, two or three employees were fired each year
> because they thought they knew more than everyone else. They failed to
> realize that they were being compensated to do what they were told and
> not what they thought they should be doing. The bottom line is if they
> are not smart enough to follow company directives, they are certainly
> not capable of instigating their own protocol.
most **** lickers are not very smart either.

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