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Date:      Fri, 29 Sep 2006 04:37:13 +0200
From:      =?iso-8859-2?Q?Daniel_Dvo=F8=E1k?= <>
To:        <>
Subject:   adding other login class to login.conf in case one is already there
Message-ID:  <012501c6e370$2bf90460$6508280a@tocnet28.jspoj.czf>

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Hi all,

could somebody looks at this PR ?


It began with my mail to LI Xin.

He agreed that I attach our mail=B4s correspondence.

Here it is:


> -----Original Message-----

> From: LI Xin [ <> =]=20

> Sent: Thursday, September 21, 2006 8:24 AM

> To:

> Cc: delphij@FreeBSD.ORG

> Subject: Re: /etc/login.conf - add czech user login class with locales


> Hello Xin Li,

>  I found out that last change to login.conf perhaps you have done.

>  I see Russian user class and definition of lang and mm_char.

>  Why is there only that one class ?

>  Is it possible to upadte this file in CVS and add new user class for=20

> czech language ?

>  czech|Czech Users Accounts:\

> :charset=3DISO-8859-2:\

> :lang=3Dcs_CZ.ISO8859-2:\

> :tc=3Ddefault:

According to the CVS annotate, it seems that ache@ has added the Russian
user class 9 years ago. It looks like an example to me, though.

Actually the previous change I have made against RELENG_6 was a comment
change which reduces diff against -HEAD, but frankly I am not an expert =
this stuff, so it would probably better if there is someone who is more
quantifiable than me to do the CVS operation.

Would you please send a patch as PR, so someone can pick up (perhaps =
also by
sending a reminder to -current@)? I guess there were some performance
concerns about adding more login classes in the past, but with the newly
added NSS caching mechanism things could have changed :-)



So could somebody give one=B4s opinion or even commit this change to =
and HEAD CVS tree ?


Thank you for attention.


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