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Date:      Thu, 26 Mar 2009 23:05:21 +0000
From:      Barnaby Scott <>
To:        Jeff Laine <>, Barnaby Scott <>,
Subject:   Re: Wine without X
Message-ID:  <>
In-Reply-To: <20090326225013.GA1069@free.bsd.loc>
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Jeff Laine wrote:
> On Thu, Mar 26, 2009 at 05:12:17PM +0000, Barnaby Scott wrote:
>> Bill Moran wrote:
>>> In response to Barnaby Scott <>:
>>>> I'm sorry if I'm asking in the wrong place, but I have tried elsewhere 
>>>> and go no response.
>>>> I want to install wine, but without X on the system.
>>> Why would you expect this to be possible?  The GUI is an integral part
>>> of MS Windows ... I can't imagine how wine would work at all without X
>>> installed -- which is probably why you're not getting any answers.
>>> Perhaps you should back up and consider what you're trying to accomplish.
>>> If you don't need a GUI, then what programs do you expect to run under
>>> wine, and is there some better way to get them?
>> Thanks for your reply
>> I know this is possible because I have seen discussion of it in Linux 
>> and wine forums. I'm just too inexperienced to know which bits of the 
>> instructions are OS-specific, and what other nightmares I might face. I 
>> might be able to figure it all out by weeks of trial and error, but that 
>> seems crazy if someone has been there before me!
>> As for why I want it to run, that is because the application I want to 
>> run is a bolt-on to a specific bit of rendering software that we use, 
>> and there really is no viable non-Windows replacement in our situation - 
>> believe me, if there was, I'd be using it. (In case you care, we are 
>> talking about Vray for Rhino, which we use because we use Rhino, and 
>> because we use Rhino we chose RhinoCAM, and because we chose RhinoCAM I 
>> spent weeks writing software to make it talk to our CNC equipment, whose 
>> controller is inextricably Windows-based... you get the picture!)
>> In answer to the other replies (thanks to you guys too):
>> Yes, wine is fine with just the command prompt. It is somewhat confusing 
>> in that it offers a thing called wineconsole, but ironically that *does* 
>> appear to require X. Just using wine without X is fine, so long as the 
>> app does not attempt to open any sort of window, system tray etc.
>> As for the 'cluttering' - I'm not so worried about disk space, that's 
>> cheap these days. It's more a question of updating ports. When I once 
>> made the mistake of installing X and various other things I turned out 
>> not to need, the process of updating everything became a nightmare - 
>> stuff breaking because I hadn't read the updating info for a bunch of 
>> fonts or something stupid like that. Multiply that by 3 servers, and, 
>> well, no thanks!
> wineconsole app seems working fine in terminal with no X at all. 
> I ran it like this: 
> ./wineconsole --backend=curses cmd

OK thanks, I stand corrected (just shows how unreliable GOOGLING 
sometimes is!) If/when I can get this working I will check out 
wineconsole, though as I said, the app I want to run has no visible 
output at all, console or otherwise - it just talks to the main renderer 
over the network, but (dammit) is a Windows binary.


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