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Date:      Fri, 18 Jan 2008 10:57:16 +0100
From:      Frank Staals <>
To:        Zbigniew Szalbot <>
Subject:   Re: FBSD or PCBSD?
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Zbigniew Szalbot wrote:
> Hello,
> I have a basic Acer Aspire with Vista on it but I am very unhappy
> about the speed of work on it. I do not want to wipe out MS system (at
> least not yet) but would like to give FreeBSD or PCBSD a try.
> 1. Am I safe by installing FreeBSD alongside Vista? Will the
> installation not destroy MS system?
Just make sure you have free space and go. You probably want to use the 
FreeBSD Bootmanager but I'm not 100% sure about that ( Only running a 
dualboot system with FreeBSD and WinXP for which the FreeBSD bootmanager 
is required )
> 2. I have installed FreeBSD a few times but only with console access,
> never with X windows. Would it be better to install PCBSD on the Acer
> machine? I have never configured X windows and not sure how long it
> could take with FreeBSD (actually I mean things like Gnome or KDE).
Depends on your needs. If you are planning on running an other WM/DE 
than KDE (Or at least I thought PCBSD came with KDE by default ) and you 
are familliar with the ports system you are better off choosing 
FreeBSD.  Setting up X is a piece of cake nowadays. In most cases Xorg 
wil generate it's own configfile at start and you don't realy have to 
worry about it. If something doesn't work or you want to configure it 
somehow you can just run 'Xorg --configure' which wil generate a 
configfile you can edit by hand. On the other hand if you are completely 
new to FreeBSD, the portsystem etc than I guess you're better off 
installing PCBSD.
> 3. The wi-fi card is probably Acer InviLink 802.11b/g Wi-Fi. Any
> chance such wireless card will be supported by FreeBSD or PCBSD?
I don't know in what way it is supported. Google will probably give you 
an answer. If it isn't supported natively take a look at ndis
> Which is a better solution for a home user?
> Thank you very much for your practical recommendations!
> Zbigniew Szalbot
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Good Luck,

-Frank Staals

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