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Date:      Sun, 28 Dec 2003 12:25:03 -0500
From:      "Jonathan T. Sage" <>
To:        Jesse Sheidlower <>
Subject:   Re: Screensaver issue
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> Jesse Sheidlower <> writes:
>>I recently spent some time with portupgrade, fixing a bunch of
>>messed-up dependencies and ensuring that my GNOME was fully
>>updated to 2.4. When I was done, most things were pretty much
>>the same, but now my screen turns off after about five minutes
>>or so. This is not apparently related to xscreensaver, which 
>>is set not to go on until 30 minutes pass.
>>Are there other screensavers that might be running, or some
>>other explanation for the screen turning off after such a short
>>time? Any mouse movement or keyboard touch turns it on again.
> Check "xset q".
> My guess would be you have DPMS enabled.
another possibility is to check /etc/rc.conf, it could be a system 
screensave (*_saver.ko).  Unlikly since it just now showed up, but you 
may wish to check anyway


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