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Date:      Wed, 23 Sep 1998 09:48:57 -0700
From:      "Gary Godfrey" <>
To:        "freebsd questions" <freebsd-questions@FreeBSD.ORG>
Subject:   Install problems..
Message-ID:  <000101bde712$0ed1f3f0$>

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Drive C:\ <windows 98> 1.3 gig
Drive C:\ <freebsd space> 650 meg
Drive D:\ <nt 4.0 ntfs> 2 gig

166 pentium 48 meg ram
Cable modem

1. use floppy image
2. Custom <= x-user, basic dist. files
3. <and have tried several others>
4. /  32 mb ufs y
   swap 105 mb swap
   /var 30mb ufs y
  /usr 483 mb ufs y

Problem: at chunk 25 of 76 of bin it stalls. I reset the
it starts d/l again from scratch and stalls at chunk 25 of 76.. got lucky
once and it
started again and went to chunk 38 but there it stalled.. Is there something
else i need
to do to get this install up and running?

I'm sure i could d/l the files needed for install using wsftp.exe but i have
absolutley no idea which files to get or how to start an install from my c:\
drive.. besides i probably would have no room on the win98 side to d/l all
the files.. I wonder if i could format the freebsd partition and copy the
install files there and do an install to that partition from that
partition.. if so what directories and files would i need..


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