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Date:      Mon, 6 Feb 95 12:02:30 PST
From: (Ken Hughes)
Subject:   Re: XF86config configuration problem on a DEC VENTURIS 4100 
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In-Reply-To: Mail from ' Mon Feb  6 11:45:41 1995' dated Mon, 06 Feb 95 19:23:19 +0000

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First, let me state that I in no way speak for the XFree86 Consortium; I'm
on the beta test team, and all I do is test the software.  Any specific
questions should be directed at the development team, not me.

> > > 1) when is 3.1.1 expected ?
> > 
> > I'm on the XFree86 beta team so don't speak for the consortium, but I can
> > say that the 3.1.1 release has been finalized and is in the process of
> > being prepared for general release.  Keep tuned to
> > and probably the comp.os.386bsd.* groups for an official notice.
>ok, is it stable enough to use now ? I would really like something more
>than 640x480 if possible

I've been using a pre-release of the 3.1.1 S3 server on my Stealth 64 DRAM
2Mb with the Trio64 chip for a week now.  It seems very stable, although I
haven't put it through all the paces.  The 3.1.1 release is being finalized
and should be announced soon - don't ask me when, no one has told me.

> > 
> > > 2) SVGA supports 1024x768, right ?
> > 
> > To the best of my knowledge, you can only use 640x480x16 with the Trio64 and
> > SVGA server right now.  I haven't personally tried it but I believe this is
> > the case.
> > 
>drat, I would have thought SVGA would imply something higher than the
>straight VGA resolution

I recall reading this suggestion on the 'net.  I don't remember the
resolutions you can get, but I'm pretty sure you are limited to 16 colors.
You are basically using it as a plain unaccelerated card so you can't expect
too much out of it.  My suggestion is to try it and see what resolution you
can get it up to...

Terry's suggestion of trying to "fool" the server is also worth a try, but
I assume it probably won't work (otherwise we wouldn't be having this
discussion, would we :-)  )

Since this is a FreeBSD list, I should mention that under normal text modes
there is no problem with the Stealth DRAM/Trio64 combo.  The compatiblity 
issue is a XFree86 one, not a FreeBSD one.

Regards -- Ken
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