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Date:      Fri, 30 Nov 2012 13:08:43 +0100
From:      Gyrd Thane Lange <>
Subject:   Re: Cannot boot - creating partition and installing FreeBSD is [solved]
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On 29.11.2012 05:50, Carl Johnson wrote:
> Ralf Mardorf <> writes:
>> Installing PC-BSD 8.2 x64 did work without issues. I unchecked the
>> bootloader install. Linux grub legacy until now is unable to boot BSD,
>> because of "Error17: Cannot mount selected partition"
>> spinymouse@q:~$ cat /boot/grub/menu.lst
>> timeout   8
>> default   0
>> color light-blue/black light-cyan/blue
>> title FreeBSD
>> root   (hd0,a)
>> kernel /boot/loader
>> [snip]
>> Linux only recognize the slice, but not what's inside it:
>> spinymouse@q:~$ sudo fdisk -l
> You might want to try a chainloader boot from grub.  The following is a
> chainloader rule that I have used, as well as a normal loader boot.  I
> use the loader boot, but I also tested the chainloader boot.  You will
> need a ufs2_stage1_5 file in your grub directory for a loader boot, and
> linux grub might not have it available.
> title           FreeBSD, sda3 (oak) chainloader
> root            (hd1,2)
> chainloader     +1
> boot
> title           FreeBSD, sda3 (oak) /boot/loader
> root            (hd1,2,a)
> kernel          /boot/loader
> boot

In case you have not got it working yet, I can offer a glimmer of hope 
by telling how I managed to multi boot Linux and FreeBSD on MBR logical 

By using the grub patch at:

ports/158362: sysutils/grub [patch] allow GRUB to boot FreeBSD from an 
extended partition

You must rebuild and reinstall grub (from Linux I guess).

My install is fairly old and from the days when sysutils/grub at least 
was installable from within FreeBSD i386. The patch itself does not 
touch FreeBSD sources, only grub. So I expect it will build from any 
OS/machine that can build grub.

When installed I can boot FreeBSD from an MBR logical partition like so:

title           FreeBSD CURRENT (amd64) (disk1, logical partition s11)
root            (hd0,10,a)
kernel          /boot/loader

Depending upon how recent version of FreeBSD you have installed you may 
have to config the FreeBSD loader to find its root file system. 
10-CURRENT should be okay.

Best regards,
Gyrd ^_^

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