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Date:      Mon, 1 Jan 1996 21:11:53 -0800
From:      Douglas MacDonald <>
Message-ID:  <>

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Howdy Happy New Year I have FreeBSDv2.0.5 on cdrom from Walnut Creek.
I have a IDE cdrom, which if I understand the installation notes correctly, 
is not supported by freebsd. I also have a conner tape back up connected to
my floppy drive. Can I install from the tape back up (given of course that 
I copy all the files from the cdrom to the tapes, which I've done)? I copied 
the minimum directory to my partition which I hope to install freebsd on. At
one point I tried to install from the hard drive, but was unsuccessful. I had 
created a boot disk and was attempting to use the installation utility off the
boot disk. I suspect that I hadn't correctly assigned the intended partition, 
or that the extended logical drive was unmountable. This is all new to me and I
am stumbling around in the dark, nes pa! Anyway, when I was asked by the utility
to input the path for the previous minimum install, it wasn't recognized. 
Currently I have Win95 and OS2warp on my system with a 'os2warp' created boot 
manager which allows me to choose at start up which os I desire. If this isn't 
all messy enough, let me add a note regarding my confussion about the potential 
problems surrounding my computers hardware address's. As I mentioned earlier, 
I've been using the boot disk utility. When I boot from it, the disk looks at
my system and displays a list of what it finds and what it can not. 
Question: Without the address's resolved prior to installation will an 
attempted installation of freebsd screw up the currently installed operating 
systems. Is the worst that could happen is that I would have to re-install 
anew Win95 and os2? Does the installation of FreeBsd change the internal 
addressing system? Does my question reveal my ignorance of computer hardware?
Last question: Have you heard of the software utility called 
"System Commander 2.1" by V Communications? Supposedly it assist's the 
user in setting up multiple operating systems on one hard drive. Any feed 
back will be appreciated, unless you laugh hysterically at my query. Thanxs
in advance Doug MacDonald 

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