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Date:      Thu, 5 Feb 2009 19:21:14 +0200
From:      Lars Lonne <>
To:        "Paul B. Mahol" <>
Subject:   Re: No wifi signal with usb antenna (rum driver)
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2009/2/5 Paul B. Mahol <>:
> On 2/4/09, Lars Lonne <> wrote:
>> Hi all. I have recently installed FreeBSD-7.1-RELEASE on my Compaq Evo
>> laptop. It used to dualboot with windows xp and gentoo linux, but I
>> decided to give FreeBSD a try instead, so now it dualboots with
>> windows and FreeBSD. My biggest problem is connecting to the internet
>> over the local wifi network. I am using a usb antenna, which uses the
>> rum driver in FreeBSD. When using windows, the signal strength is low
>> (I am located quite far from the access point), but works fine. I can
>> connect to the network and get on the internet, no problem. Problem is
>> when I start FreeBSD, I cannot get a signal, i.e. ifconfig always
>> reports "no carrier". I can connect to the network with FreeBSD if I
>> move closer to the AP, but it is impractical for me to do so.
>> Has anyone experienced anything similar, or know what could be causing
>> it? Please let me know if you need more information. Hope you can help
>> me.
>> /lars
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> This is known "rum" issue, some code is missing.
> I debuged it some time ago, but with no luck.
> I will try again some time later ....
> --
> Paul

Thank you for your reply. I have the same problem with the ral driver
(as I mentioned in an earlier email to this mailing list) when I am
using a different antenna (a pc-card). Is this also a known issue with
the ral driver?

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