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Date:      Sat, 14 Jun 03 18:25:47 +0100
From:      Lee Johnston <>
To:, Marc Schoechlin <>
Subject:   Re: enteprise account management
Message-ID:  <-1294203520.1055611547881@clevercactus.6488153>
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I looked into the LDAP solution a while back... Basically you'll be fine using LDAP if the applications can query an LDAP directory directly, or via PAM using PADLs pam_ldap module.

The problem comes when you need system accounts stored in an LDAP directory, as far as I know (or at least this was the case a few months ago) the nss_ldap module won't work with with FreeBSD Nameserver switch preventing alternative methods of storing system account details. Mind, someone did mention this was possible by recompiling the C library to use BIND IRS.

Another solution maybe to use PADLs commercial NIS/LDAP gateway, so you have a replacement for an NIS server which queries an LDAP directory -

Hope this helps,

> -----Original Message-----

> What`s about using OpenLDAP ?
> With OpenLDAP you can:
> * store your user-accounts in a centralized
> database
>   (replication is also possible)
> * define your own attributes
>   (usernames, passwords, adresses, mail-aliases,
> customer-data,
>    user-rights,....)
> * program your own management-interfaces in many
>   programming-languages
> ....
> Many applications are able to use
> LDAP-directories for authentification and
> configuration - but there is also the possibility
> to use the pam-ldap-module
> to import the ldap-users as regular
> system-users.
> There are also some gui- and web-based
> management-tools available.....
> (If you like this - look at
> Regards
> Marc Schoechlin

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