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Date:      Mon, 1 May 95 10:33:01 PDT
From:      "Patrick S. Loo" <>
Cc: (Patrick S. Loo)
Subject:   installation failed, can anyone help?
Message-ID:  <>

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I try to install FreeBSD 2.0 onto my PC from CD. I tried on two PC's and both failed with
a different reason. Please help me out.

1) Intel 386 PC with Adaptec SCSI controller. If I assign 20MB to "/", the system
   said "device full" when copying kernel to /mnt/kernel. If I assign 50MB or 100MB
   to "/" and tried it again, the system crashed with error messages: 
	bad block 65535
	mode= 0104525 inum 11521 fs= /mntn /mnt: bad block
	Panic: ffs-valloc: dup alloc

   The drive is a Maxtor XT-4380S and I use (318 cyl 64 hd 32 sect).

   What should I do to get this going? The system saw the HD, the CD, and the floppy drive.

2) AND 386 PC with WD IDE disk controller and a Future Domain Corp TMC-850MER SCSI
   controller for the CD-ROM drive. The system can load the initial software onto the
   hard disk but it did not see the CD-ROM (can't mount /dev/cd0). So, I cannot do
   much with the system.
   What can I do to fix this? 

Please help!
Thanks in advance!


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