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Date:      Sat, 28 Jul 2012 17:35:38 +0200 (CEST)
From:      Wojciech Puchar <>
To:        Matthew Seaman <>
Subject:   Re: On-access AV scanning
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>> the only cure for such case is changing a job.
> A little drastic perhaps?  Company policies can be changed[*].

depends on the company. But i assumed attempt to point out nonsense of 
such policy were already done.

> [*] It's important that the workers believe this.  It helps keep them in
> line.
true and proven.

but my point was that if policy is just nonsense (requirement of virus 
protection in spite of using virus-incapable OS) and still enforced in 
spite of this then....

No matter if it is 5 users of 80 users (largest i have to control in one 
place) then the policy should be "think what you are doing", and "do your 
work at work, not your toys".

Believe me that having 2-3 virus problems per year, with no spreading, 
WITH WINDOWS USERS, and windows workstations running few years without 
touching is possible.

It's simple, but off topic to explain in details.

PS make in every shared (used by many people) samba share a directory 
"Autorun.inf", owned by root with access rights of 700.

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