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Date:      Sun, 1 Apr 2001 20:04:32 -0700
From:      Sean Chittenden <>
To:        John Brooks <>
Subject:   Re: djbdns or tinydns
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	I've had extremely favorable experiences with djbdns.  5,000
domains at one installation and it just ticks along, secure, small,
fast, and no headaches.  Two quick comments:

1) You will need _at least_ one more IP address (recursive dns server
and authoritative dns server are different daemons: good thing).

2) If your clients are dhcp'd, then I'd change their DNS server
address to the new recursive dns server (dnscache).

3) The data files are extremely easy to view, scan, and update via
hand and from scripts/databases.

4) Move slow, a big screw up in DNS can keep you down for a while if
lame large ISPs cache your data for excessively long periods of time
(AOL, MSN,, and Mindspring have some dns servers that hold onto
data for longer than a week ::grrrr::).

	I've done this plenty of times at various installations, so if
you've got Q's, please feel free to ask: I endorse djbdns 98%.  The
remaining 2% goes to the logging philosophy: log everything, filter
later.  It's nice, but under extremely high load and redirecting the
log to /dev/null, the tinydns is still formatting the log output.  Not
a biggie though.  -sc

On Sun, Apr 01, 2001 at 09:13:44PM -0500, John Brooks wrote:
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> From: "John Brooks" <>
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> Subject: djbdns or tinydns
> Date: Sun, 1 Apr 2001 21:13:44 -0500
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> Has anyone had favorable experience with tinydns in place of bind? Would
> anyone recommend using it on a colo server authoritative for less than 100
> domains? I'm interested in opinions with *short* reasons - before I
> seriously consider it. ;-)
> --
> John
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Sean Chittenden

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