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Date:      Mon, 6 Feb 1995 17:13:18 -0600
From:      Mark Tinguely <>
Subject:   Re:  rdump error
Message-ID:  <>

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>    Trying to do a dump onn the remote server with a command
>  rdump -0uf korney:/dev/nrmt0h /

check the PATH you are using in the account on the korney. adding /usr/sbin
to the PATH should help.

if you are using another OS on korney soft link /usr/bin/rmt to wherever
it located on your machine. if you are using a non-privledge account on
korney to do the dump then softlink ~/rmt to the system remtape.

A word of warning to those going from FreeBSd 1.1.x to FreeBSD 2.0 using
DAT tapes, my FreeBSD 2.0 won't read my old dump tapes. <insert cussing
because I had to reinstall FreeBSD 2.0, restore the files and build tar
tapes>. I fact it still won't read a dump tape made with FreeBSD 2.0
from FreeBSD 2.0 unless I specify a block size:

 dump 0usbf 99999 4 /dev/nrst0 /dev/rsd0a

yep, can't even dd it off, and neither Linux. I guess (and I will certainly
get corrected if I am wrong), is has to do with fixed versus non-fixed
record sizes.

I just wanted to warn anyone making FreeBSD 1.x dumps on DAT (and prob 8mm)
and expect to someday upgrade, add a block size to your dump script or for
those dumping with FreeBSD 2.0 check today to see if you can restore the files
and if not add ...


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