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Date:      Mon, 03 Oct 2011 14:25:55 -0400
From:      Greg Larkin <>
To:        n dhert <>
Subject:   Re: moving a svn repository
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On 10/3/11 1:32 PM, n dhert wrote:
> On a FreeBSD machine which the svn software installed, repositories for
> different projects exist.
> Such a repository looks as a directory with subdirs and files.
> One user wants the SVN repository of one project to be transferred to a
> different machine (which had
> exactly the same FreeBSD version and exactly the same version of the svn
> software).
> Is it possible to simply make a tar file of the directory of the svn
> repository, transfer that to the other machine
> and there untar it in the home-directory that the user has on that other
> machine and use it without further ado ?

Hi n dhert,

You said repository, but can you clarify if you meant a Subversion
working directory or a Subversion repository?  A working directory has a
bunch of .svn directories throughout the hierarchy, and a repository has
a directory structure that looks like this at the top level:


If you want to move a working directory to a new machine, I suggest
committing pending changes in the original one, removing it from the old
machine and then checking it out fresh on the new machine.

If you want to move a repository, ask your user to commit pending
changes, use the "svnadmin dump" command to create a dump file, then
transfer it and use "svnadmin load" on the target machine.  Also make
sure to check if there are any hook scripts in the old repository and
move them as well.  They may depend on tools that are not installed or
paths that don't exist on the new machine, so check that they function

After the repository move, the user can run "svn switch --relocate" in
his working directory to point to the new repository URL.

Hope that helps,
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