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Date:      Mon, 1 May 95 10:53:40 MST
Subject:   problems setting up diskless system
Message-ID:  <9505011753.AA01673@wayward>

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I'm trying to set up a diskless system using FreeBSD 2.0-release for
both the server and the client.  I've gone through the Diskless.FAQ
and the netboot.doc several times to look for obvious problems and
haven't come up with anything yet.

bootpd and tftpd seem to be working properly.  I'm invoking from DOS on the client, and the boot process proceeds to
the point where the /tftpboot/cfg.x.x.x.x file is read.  The contents
of that file are echoed on the screen and the boot sequence fails
shortly after that claiming that permission was denied for the NFS
mount of the swap partition.

I've tried several several permutions for the filesystem in
/etc/exports (exxport to the client, export to everyone, export the
entire filesystem, export mount points only, etc) -- no luck.  Any
suggestions on what else I can try would be greatly appreciated.

As a side experiment, I also decided to see what would happen if I
didn't specify a swapfs value in the tftpboot config file.  Sure
enough, I got past the above problem and the kernel successfully
loaded and the boot process began.  Everything went well until it
tried to change the root file system to the NFS-mounted root
partition.  The ip address of the NFS ROOT was displayed as
and not the address that had been specified via the rootfs command.
Seems like something is out of whack with the bootstrap code.  Do I
need to specify some extra options in the kernel configuration for s
diskless client?

Everything is stock 2.0-release code.  Both machines are 486-based
machines with VL slots and 16 MB of memory.  The "server" has been
running for several months now, so I feel pretty confident that this
isn't an inherent hardware incompatibility.  Any help would be greatly


P.S. Thanks for all the work that you guys have put into FreeBSD.  It
     is a truly excellent product, and I look forward to seeing 2.1.
Rajeev Jayavant                         "Excuse me, I've lost my marbles."
VLSI Technology, Inc.                                            - Penguin Opus
8375 South River Pkwy, MS 250, Tempe, AZ 85284      (602)752-6273

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