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Date:      Sun, 29 Jun 2003 09:47:31 -0700
From:      "Nick Triantos" <>
To:        <>
Cc:        'Geoffrey Sanders' <>
Subject:   RE: 5.1 RELEASE ISO - Kernel Panic During Boot to Install
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This looks like the same kernel panic I reported in bug id "i386/53620",
though I do not have a laptop, and had no Xircom card.  In my system,
the problem only went away when I changed the hard disk from a Maxtor
4D040K2 (40GB) to a smaller, older disk (Western Digital AC420400D 20GB)


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Sent: Sunday, June 29, 2003 6:39 AM
Subject: 5.1 RELEASE ISO - Kernel Panic During Boot to Install


Wanted to pass along a bug (I belive to be one anyway)
regarding installation from a 5.1-RELEASE ISO image
(disc 1) on a laptop. When booting from the cdrom
(made from the downloaded image) OR from floppies
created from the cdrom, I encountered the following
kernel panic message (cdrom boots normally for
installation on other machines):

Fatal Trap 12: page fault while in kernel mode
fault virtual address = 0xd6cfd000
fault code = supervisor read, page not present
instruction pointer = 0x8: 0xc025fe25
stack pointer = 0x10: 0xd1e61964
frame pointer = 0x10: 0xd1e61b7c
code segment = base 0x0, limit 0xfffff, type 0x1b
                          = DPL 0, pres 1, def 32 1,
gran 1
processor eflags = interrupt enabled, resume IOPL = 0
current process = 6 (cbb0)
trap number = 12
panic: page fault

I tried all options from the boot menu (including
disabling acpi)...but received the same results. 

However, after removing my pcmcia ethernet card, the
cdrom booted normally. My card model is as follows:

Xircom RealPort REM56G-100 10/100 Ethernet + 56K Modem

Therefore, the results tell me that when this card is
active on my laptop, it creates a kernel panic when
booting from the install iso image (and floppy install
images as well). My laptop configuration is:

Dell Inspiron 4000
Intel Celeron 600 mhz cpu
384 MB ram
ATI Rage M3
ESS Maestro3
10 GB HD
Xircom RealPort REM56G-100 10/100 Ethernet + 56K Modem

Don't know if this is specific to my model of laptop,
or related to the PCMCIA card itself. If any other
users encounter this problem, please notify to remove
the PCMCIA card to enable booting for installation.

Best Regards,
Geoff Sanders

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