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Date:      Fri, 28 Jan 2011 10:26:17 -0600 (CST)
From:      Robert Bonomi <>
Subject:   Re: Any package for surveys?
Message-ID:  <>
In-Reply-To: <>

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> From  Fri Jan 28 08:33:17 2011
> Date: Fri, 28 Jan 2011 14:24:05 +0000
> From: elbbit <>
> To: Robert Bonomi <>
> CC:,
> Subject: Re: Any package for surveys?
> On 28/01/11 12:28, Robert Bonomi wrote:
> Thank you for taking the time to reply Robert.  I value your opinion.

> >>>>> elbbit wrote:
> >>>>>> I held off writing back because I have just launched a new website 
> >>>>>> at:
> >>>>>>
> >>>>>> Wait!  Don't go!  This isn't spam!   Please!  Just listen!
> >>>>> Yes, it looks very spammy to me....
> >>>> I sent similar emails to other lists and was promptly scalded for 
> >>>> being so uncouth.  I thank those who encourage me to stop spamming 
> >>>> for teaching me humility.  However, I think the importance of global 
> >>>> self awareness is too important to worry about whether or not we 
> >>>> like to know about the problems.  This is the equivalent of a 
> >>>> hit-and-run, in my opinion.  I am here to stay, I am not going 
> >>>> anywhere and the world will become self-aware in my presence.  It is 
> >>>> why I have been born.
> >>>
> >>> You are a delusion dipshit, and a bad liar.
> >>
> >>> If you feel so righteous about your cause, why did you hijack another 
> >>> thread without changing the subject?
> >> With all the respect that is due to you, and all others who frequent 
> >> these mailing lists, I feel the topic of global voting is too 
> >> important to worry about whether or not my particular message fits 
> >> into a defined category.
> >
> > And you think it's OK to *STEAL* other people's resources to get
> > "your" message out, apparently.
> Hmm.  Stealing.  Taking without consent.  Consent from whom?  The network 
> operator?  According to the Debian website: "There are many world-open 
> mailing lists, meaning anyone can read everything that is posted, and 
> participate in the discussions. Everyone is encouraged..." - Under the 
> heading Introduction:

Yes, *STEALING*.  When you 'hijack' the resources the mailing-list owner/
operator has provided _for_a_specific_purpose_, for somethin *unrelated*
to that purpose, you _are_ stealing.

> Hmm.  I assumed the service was being offered to me.  If I am wrong, I 
> would like more people to confirm if Robert is right.
> > The people who run the mailing lists _pay_ for that equipment and
> Pay... with money... which is a made up idea...
> > network connectivity, and provide it to others for a specific use.
> this case, communication... which we are doing :-)
> > You _are_ a thief, and as already stated "a bad liar, and a delusional 
> > dipshit."
> My opinion is that according to the instruction provided to it, your 
> computer did all it can to send me your information.  I did not steal it. 
>  You gave it to me.  You offered, you know - where you make a motion 
> towards me?

> > Doing what you did is *expressly* against The AUP of your hosting 
> > services provider, Webfusion, Ltd.
> > <>;
> Yes.  Words.  Somehow, it is commonly accepted that just because 
> something is written in words that it is "right."  My emails challenge 
> that.

You _agreed_, _contractually_, to abide by those 'words' when you signed
up for services with that provider.  They 'took your word' that you were
telling the truth.  Do not be surprised if you find that they choose not
to do any further business with you when they find out you -lied- to them.
> > That said, you've _made_ your rules, and now *you8 get to live by them.
> I do not understand this statement.  Please clarify.
> > Since _you_ believe it is "OK" to inflict your 'important' message on 
> > those you do not know, and who have _not_ consented to hear it, you 
> > =cannot= object if the 'world' decides to do the same to _you_ and your 
> > mailbox.
> I agree, with everything that is me.  But does this also not apply to 
> you, also?  I think you have made an error by joining a "world-open 
> mailing list" if you are unable to tolerate other people's words.
> > Russian brides, pharmaceutcals, watches, lottery winnings, money 
> > sharing, and whatever else people decide is 'too important' for
> > _you_ not to be informed of.
> You see, the people who raise awareness of their product or service are 
> after one thing - to increase the number which is displayed on their ATM 
> machine.  I do not want money.  I do not promote a service or product. In 
> fact, I promote an IDEA - the notion that we can abandon money 
> altogether.

So What?  If you believe you can decide what is 'appropriate' for for _my_
mail box, others can do the same for *yours*.

> > Annoying people who *run* mail-servers is a _really_ stupid thing to 
> > do.
> Unfortunately, any one who is part of the growing movement realises that 
> ridicule, torture or even certain death are requirements of changing the 
> world.  John F. Kennedy, one of your own president's, paid dearly simply 
> for saying some words.  I say some words, and you too, want to kill me.
>  I forgive you for being so misguided.
> > But, then, you're a spammer.
> Try not to think of me as someone different.

You _are_ different.  *PROVEN* by your actions.

And someone I do -not_ care to associate with.

>                                               I am someone the same. 

Demonstratably incorrect.

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