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Date:      Thu, 23 Jan 2003 20:07:11 -0600
From:      Ben Hockenhull <>
To:        Marcel Moolenaar <>
Subject:   Re: psm0 not found on a Sony Vaio w/ 5.0-RELEASE
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At 12:04 PM -0800 1/23/03, Marcel Moolenaar wrote:
>On Thu, Jan 23, 2003 at 01:44:49PM -0600, Ben Hockenhull wrote:
>> >>
>> >> Exactly what I needed to know.  I discovered that it's actually
>> >> for my Vaio R505EC.  I've added that to pcm.c and recompiled and it's now
>> >> found and works normally.
>> >
>> >Hmmm.... That PnP id is a generic id (has the PNP prefix). A Sony
>> >specific PnP id is 0x####d94d... Your Id is one for an ACPI embedded
>> >controller and I don't think it has to be a mouse. I suspect there's
>> >a _CID value as well and that it's a generic PS/2 mouse id...
>> I see what happened.  Here's the entire entry from acpidump:
>>             Device(MOUE) {
>>                 Name(_HID, 0x0190d94d)
>>                 Name(_CID, 0x130fd041)
>>                 Name(_CRS, Buffer(0x5) {0x22, 0x0, 0x10, 0x79, 0x0 })
>>             }
>> Looks like I inadvertantly used the _HID entry for EC0_, not MOUE.
>That explains. Which also means that HEAD has the right fixes.
>> Yet, it still worked, in that psm0 was detected and functions as well as it
>> ever did.
>The reason for this is probably that any PnP id will do as long as you
>have hints and you use a PnP id that is tried on the psm driver...
>This may be specific to psm, though. If you're interested, try removing
>the hints and see if it still works without the right PnP id (see

I commented out the psm hints and it still worked.  Interesting.

At any rate, I've got the correct entry in psm.c now, so all is as it
should be.

Thanks for the help.


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