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Date:      Thu, 21 Aug 2003 14:39:22 +0200
From: (Jan Stocker)
To:        <>
Subject:   trap 12 while installing -current
Message-ID:  <000001c367e1$3f38dea0$>

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On my system -current lived for the last 2 years quite good (ok, not for my
last USB probs). I thought it's time to cleanly install my system from root.
So i took one of those jpsnap iso images and boot from it. Installing in the
same partition (removing old slice, creating new etc). My new fs is UFS2
with soft updates (but without it crashes, too). After about 2% of copying
the base files, the kernel panics with trap type 12 code=0. This is
reproducable here all the time. Cause i dont know how to get a kernel
backtrace while booting from iso image, i took my pencil and paper. Here is
the result (without the stack content) from yesterdays -current iso image
(but all from the last 4 days looks the same).

_mtx_lock_flags + 0x43
vfs_setdirty + 0x79
bdwrite + 0x358
ffs_update + 0x333
ffs_fsync + 0x42f
ffs_fsync + 0x1a3
ffs_fsync + 0x16a
shed_sync + 0x182
fork_exit + 0xcf
fork_trampoline + 0x8

Anyone can fix this ?


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