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Date:      Fri, 12 Nov 2004 09:15:07 +0300
From:      Andrew Karjagin <>
Subject:   Re[2]: FreeBSD 4.7 - 4.10 SCSI and IDE RAID
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Hello Darren Pilgrim

Thank you very much!
I am rotate SCSI and RAID adapters between PCI slots, SCSI card now being seen first and system boot succesfully.

Чт, 11.11.2004 23:51:44 you wrote:
DP> > Andrew Karjagin
DP> > 
DP> > I have a machine with one SCSI disk on Tekram 395U3W Symbios
DP> > (as da0) and two IDE disks on Fasttrak-2000 RAID (as ar0).
DP> > When I install FreeBSD 4.7 or 4.10 RELEASE with root
DP> > partition on SCSI disk and reboot, then system say me:
DP> >
DP> > invalid partition
DP> > boot: 0:ad(0,a)/kernel
DP> Your boot block has been set to look at ad0.  If it was done that way during
DP> install, then you probably need to change the boot order for your computer:
DP> - Go into the BIOS menu, change whatever is necessary to make the system
DP> boot "SCSI first".
DP> - Boot FreeBSD, you'll have to manually tell it where to find the kernel
DP> again.
DP> - Use fdisk -B to install new bootcode to da0.
DP> - Reboot.
DP> If you get the error again, you have a problem where the physical location
DP> of your two controllers result in the Fasttrak card being seen first.  You
DP> may have an option in your BIOS to choose which disk (E, F, etc.) to boot
DP> from.  If not, you have to move the cards to different slots to find an
DP> arrangement that will make the Tekram card "first in line".  Generally, just
DP> swapping the two cards around works fine.
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