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Date:      Sat, 29 Jan 2011 03:14:14 +1000
From:      Da Rock <>
Subject:   Re: Any package for surveys?
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On 01/29/11 00:24, elbbit wrote:
> On 28/01/11 12:28, Robert Bonomi wrote:
> Thank you for taking the time to reply Robert.  I value your opinion.
>>>>>> elbbit wrote:
>>>>>>> I held off writing back because I have just launched a new
>>>>>>> website at:
>>>>>>> Wait!  Don't go!  This isn't spam!   Please!  Just listen!
>>>>>> Yes, it looks very spammy to me....
>>>>> I sent similar emails to other lists and was promptly scalded
>>>>> for being so uncouth.  I thank those who encourage me to stop
>>>>> spamming for teaching me humility.  However, I think the
>>>>> importance of global self awareness is too important to worry
>>>>> about whether or not we like to know about the problems.  This
>>>>> is the equivalent of a hit-and-run, in my opinion.  I am here
>>>>> to stay, I am not going anywhere and the world will become
>>>>> self-aware in my presence.  It is why I have been born.
>>>> You are a delusion dipshit, and a bad liar.
>>>> If you feel so righteous about your cause, why did you hijack
>>>> another thread without changing the subject?
>>> With all the respect that is due to you, and all others who
>>> frequent these mailing lists, I feel the topic of global voting is
>>> too important to worry about whether or not my particular message
>>> fits into a defined category.
>> And you think it's OK to *STEAL* other people's resources to get
>> "your" message out, apparently.
> Hmm.  Stealing.  Taking without consent.  Consent from whom?  The
> network operator?  According to the Debian website:
> "There are many world-open mailing lists, meaning anyone can read
> everything that is posted, and participate in the discussions. Everyone
> is encouraged..." - Under the heading Introduction:
> Hmm.  I assumed the service was being offered to me.  If I am wrong, I
> would like more people to confirm if Robert is right.
Ok. For starters you quoted Debian's list on participation. Try quoting 
the right list according to your posting.

I get your message- I do. Many here would not agree with it, and neither 
do I, though. If you want to preach, do it in the right forum. This 
forum is for people who want to resolve issues with a _free_ open source 
OS- not global opinions. Each forum is centered on a specific topic, 
find one that suits your message. This here will not get the response 
you desire, birds of a feather _will_ flock together- these here have a 
different feather than your message. Find your own flock... :) You 
preach respect for others view on time, money, etc; then respect this.
>> The people who run the mailing lists _pay_ for that equipment and
> Pay... with money... which is a made up idea...
>> network connectivity, and provide it to others for a specific use.
> this case, communication... which we are doing :-)
>> You _are_ a thief, and as already stated "a bad liar, and a
>> delusional dipshit."
> My opinion is that according to the instruction provided to it, your
> computer did all it can to send me your information.  I did not steal
> it.  You gave it to me.  You offered, you know - where you make a motion
> towards me?
Money is an idea, so is temperature, distance, and luminosity. It is a 
resource, and is given a value. You think a lot like my wife, she 
believes in bartering and what not. I agree, but _any_ transaction is a 
transfer of _value_ - something you need to come to grips with here. 
Yes, there will come a time when money will lose its importance, and 
maybe even value, but this now, and it does carry a high importance to 
many _now_. They will not change their mind overnight- you need to 
respect this. The time for change is not yet. I doubt that money will 
disappear completely myself, but I do believe it will lessen in importance.

What you fail to grasp in what people are trying to communicate here is 
that you are wasting resources, valuable resources in these times. This 
is a worthy project (so is Debian) providing a stable system that will 
be a catalyst towards the very change you are looking for. Everything 
has a value, monetary or not, and while you are like some others at one 
end of the extreme trying to distance yourself as far as you can from 
the other (corporations, etc), it is not sustainable in the long term. 
Resources will _always_ have a value, and with resources being very 
limited in these projects, they cannot afford to have you waste them. 
They would probably not object as strongly if you only addressed them 
individually, but you have raised ire collectively- and across 2 lists!

Respect peoples wishes, and respect the value of resources- they are 
never infinite. Otherwise you are no better than what it is you despise.
>> Doing what you did is *expressly* against The AUP of your hosting
>> services provider, Webfusion, Ltd.
>> <>;
> Yes.  Words.  Somehow, it is commonly accepted that just because
> something is written in words that it is "right."  My emails challenge that.
>> That said, you've _made_ your rules, and now *you8 get to live by
>> them.
> I do not understand this statement.  Please clarify.
>> Since _you_ believe it is "OK" to inflict your 'important' message on
>> those you do not know, and who have _not_ consented to hear it, you
>> =cannot= object if the 'world' decides to do the same to _you_ and
>> your mailbox.
> I agree, with everything that is me.  But does this also not apply to
> you, also?  I think you have made an error by joining a "world-open
> mailing list" if you are unable to tolerate other people's words.
The list/forum is on a specific topic, therefore the consent is in 
relation to that topic- not yours.
>> Russian brides, pharmaceutcals, watches, lottery winnings, money
>> sharing, and whatever else people decide is 'too important' for
>> _you_ not to be informed of.
> You see, the people who raise awareness of their product or service are
> after one thing - to increase the number which is displayed on their ATM
> machine.  I do not want money.  I do not promote a service or product.
> In fact, I promote an IDEA - the notion that we can abandon money
> altogether.
>> Annoying people who *run* mail-servers is a _really_ stupid thing to
>> do.
> Unfortunately, any one who is part of the growing movement realises that
> ridicule, torture or even certain death are requirements of changing the
> world.  John F. Kennedy, one of your own president's, paid dearly simply
> for saying some words.  I say some words, and you too, want to kill me.
>   I forgive you for being so misguided.
>> But, then, you're a spammer.
> Try not to think of me as someone different.  I am someone the same.  I
> have two arms, two legs, two eyes, I breathe air, I eat food, I use the
> toilet, I have sex - I do all the normal thing you do too.  You and I
> are not as different you think.  The only major difference between us
> all is how we spend our time.  Hence, I do not think of people in
> "groups" or stereotypes.  I see that some people choose to learn about
> the world around them, and others do not.  Some people take the word of
> others to be the absolute truth - because they trust them.  Who do you
> trust?  You certainly don't trust me - and with good cause.  The idea I
> suggest (abandoning money) is too big for your brain to comprehend...
> not because you lack the processing ability to deal with it, but because
> you refuse to think about a world without money.  Try it.  You and I are
> probably never going to meet in all this random stuff which is going on
> in the world.  But just imagine... no money?  Working in co-operation?
> Just like open-source?  How about an open-source world, and not just
> limited to software?  Can you imagine that?  I know you can, we all can.
>   And some of us already do.
I refer to my comments earlier- if you wish to support the ideals, then 
don't waste its resources. Besides which you'd be preaching to the 
converted, wouldn't you?
>> And have just re-proven the validity of Rule #3, and Kruegers
>> Corrolary thereunto, of the "Rules of Spam".
> Rules.  Laws.  All pointless.  You see, if a car is travelling a road
> and it hits another car, the operator of the vehicle is blamed, and then
> a public outcry occurs.  The people standing up saying "this can not be
> tolerated, something must be done" which is when they turn to someone
> looking to lead them.  Up steps a politician, who takes your authority
> and says "hmm, yes, we make a rule that all cars must not exceed XX speed."
> The problem with rules and laws is that they are often ignored.  Why
> don't we just harness technology, using our abilities that we have TODAY
> to just enable cars to have radar as part of their on board computers to
> stop collisions occurring?  Why don't we do this?  Because of the money?
>   What, that made-up-idea again?  Please!  This is insanity!
Bit more to it than that, but anyway..
>> see:<>;
> I removed the "d".  Not too sure about the flying kids, looks a bit
> porno-related to me.  Hmm, I think it's biased too.  This is just my
> opinion though.
>> So, I guess, it's not _all_ that surprising.
> No, it's not all that surprising that we could have a different world.
> The solution is that everyone must decide to stop using money and create
> a better world.  Simple.  You have to choose to make it better.  Don't
> scared.  The fact you include my address does not scare me.  I'm not
> scared of anyone.  I am not living in fear (like you) I am living in
> love - and I have nothing but love for all humans.  I love you, and your
> words, and every one, and if you wonder how this came to be, just start
> searching Google for yourself.  The answers are out there.
IF you have love and respect for others (and the planet- see your PS) 
then take heed and stop wasting resources. You don't take any stock in 
monetary value, so I will respect that and kindly point you to the real 
value of things.

Up to this point I'd say you're the devil in disguise, if you really are 
of love then you will take my point and take appropriate action and in 
that way prove otherwise. But the resources of this project will not be 
wasted so that you can preach a message where it does not belong or 
wanted. It is not up to you to create change, and you never will. It 
takes time, and people are driven to change when they are ready. It is 
now up to you to decide which side you are on.

I now digress a little and refer to an earlier post of yours about there 
being only black and white. Allow me to debunk your theory here and now- 
in love even :) Grey exists everywhere. There is no simple black and 
white, that was merely enough to get us to the point of understanding 
logic. The mathematician Lotfi Zadeh was given the inspiration for 
"fuzzy logic" (or greyness), and was tormented and ridiculed by his 
colleagues until he finally died. It took off in places where science 
wasn't so tied down to fanaticism, and in engineering. Finally, after 
Zadeh had died a bright musical mathematical prodigy tore down the 
fanaticism broke open the closed minds by proving that all their 
'current' theories were actually contained within fuzzy logic. It 
encompassed them all.

You can't accurately do anything without grey, there is no on off except 
in a light (and even that is debatable). Describe how fish swim in a 
school, or birds flock- you can't with just binary logic. Nothing worth 
doing with computers these days use _just_ binary logic. Life is 
indescribable without shades of grey. Even the recognised "father of 
logic", Aristotle, who was given the inspiration for logic realised and 
alluded to the fact that there had to be more than just yes/no, 
black/white in logic.

Incidentally it is corporations and governments that wish for a yes/no 
black/white society. It boxes things up to make it easier for them to 
control things. The very society you wish to change.

With that I will bid you adeiu. Don't bother attempting to contact via 
the list if you have further contentions to what I have written.
> How are you going to spend your time from now on?
> With the kindest of regards from,
> Simon Tibble
> 74 Park Street
> Mountain Ash
> CF45 3YL
> ^^^ Don't you see .... we share this planet.  Let's work together to
> make it a better place :-)
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>> Domain name: TIBBLE.NET
>> Registrant: Simon Tibble 74 Park Street Penrhiwceiber Mountain Ash,
>> Rhondda Cynon Taff CF45 3YL GB 07767650385    Fax: 07767650385
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