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Date:      Wed, 20 Dec 2006 11:20:20 -0500
From:      "Andy Greenwood" <>
To:        "Terabyte Pete" <>
Subject:   Re: My recent Epiphany about operating systems
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On 12/20/06, Terabyte Pete <> wrote:
> 7:04 AM, Wednesday, December 20, 2006
> In Winblow$, the release & bundling of IE was purposely as crippleware,
> virus, & bug delivery system 2 trap people into constantly 'upgrading'.  A
> simple comparisson of Windows 95 side-by-side with the final Windows ME &
> various IE 'upgrades' illustrates how the supposedly 'new & improved' stuff
> is actually about 1/5 the speed, & about 10X less reliable.
> The Ephiphany:  A similar crippleware model exists in UNIX & Linux, BSD,
> Dragonfly, IRIX, Open VMS, etc!  But what is the method of crippling?  The
> USER INTERFACE is purposely difficult to use, requiring vast tracts of
> arcane code & 'switches' the user is 'supposed' to be able to remember.  The
> OS Kernels are designed to require constant patching or nothing runs
> properly when 'upgrading' softwares.  What is the result?  Well, the OS &
> applications may be free, but the system administrator type costs are not.
> I have concluded, in a flash of insight, that all of the non-windows OSes,
> save perhaps TRON (which is a Jap OS that is actually designed to simply
> WORK - runs most cell  phones, anti-lock brakes, etc.) - the function of
> most free OSes & softwares is to create a market for engineering services to
> create a functional environment with them.
> While even though WInblow$ is crippled & slowed down artificially like
> molasses in a 'stock' install, at least it FUNCTIONS.  Free operating
> systems never do. It's hell even trying to convigure the hardware, on which
> Windows everything in that respect is done automatically.
> If a bunch of morons at Micro$hit can make drivers automatically load, &
> systems automatically configure, damn sure a bunch of tweaky inventors at
> 'god-knows-what-or-another' linux could do it to.  Truth is, they simply
> have no interest in making things configure easily.  It would put the
> 'sysadmins' who wrote the programs out of a job!
> When I approached Dragonfly & BSD about simply offering a menu-driven
> interface, like WIndow$, so things could be easily configured & installed,
> those who didn't simply ignore me made a point of laughing at me & mocking
> me.  They are simply not even interested in making it easy.  They WANT it 2
> B hard 2 use.  It is done BY DESIGN!
> Sick - but true.  Rather like how doctors in America inject people over &
> over with mercury in vaccines, so they get 'disseasses' like 'autism' &
> 'altzheimers' (just different names for mercury poisoning).

I have no desire to get involved in a flame war, but are you sure on
this one?

> Free operating
> systems, on average, are written specificaly to work well once configured,
> but the configuration to be a complete nightmare so as to create a need for
> 'system administrator' employees.  They write it 2 B a pain in the ass, 2
> assure their own job security.  Just like M$ writes Windoze 2 B full of
> bugs, so they can keep selling the same crap over & over "oh but we fixed it
> this time" - yeah right :))  I am still using the shell from Windows95.
> It's the only stable, AND fast shell that Microsoft has released.  Even
> their own services like MSN & Hotmail don't use their own shit.  THey use
> BSD!  & I am sure, over at Hurricane Internet (their subcontractor), those
> BSD guys are happy to spend their days 'configuring' things for a pretty
> penny!
> HAHAHAHA - the 'unix' geeks R laughing all the way 2 the bank!  They're not
> ripping people off via software per se, but 'services'
> What the world needs is a single OS that will run all softwares.  Short of
> that, at least an OS that will run all versions of Windows software.  The
> very first pre-IE Windows95 shell comes very close - few bugs in it, but
> relatively minor. It is the best product Microsoft has ever produced.  We
> should get together & release a 'toolkit' to upgrade the kernel from this
> early 1995 release, so it will be compatable with things like 'get special
> folders path' and '.net' & other bullshit that 3rd programmers have written
> into their code 2 look 4 in the shell.  Basically, take those few elements
> REQUIRED from the last shells, & make a way 2 import only those
> NON-crippling functions into the first shell.
> 'Get special folders path' is a particularly common error, as
> incompatability goes.  About 1 in 5 new programs expect that 'function call'
> or whatever.  It is easy enough 2 switch shells while installing or using
> those programs, but it incapacitates the functionality of the other kernel
> things - like being able 2 move vast tracts of files around without the
> whole OS locking up LOL
> Oh notice also how if you take Windows98 & upgrade it to the 'latest
> greatest' IE, it will lock up the computer even MORE often LOL!!!  I mean,
> just trying 2 move some files around- & everything freezes!  So people are
> saying 'get me XP NOW!' - haha - if they just put the 95 shell on there, the
> fucking machines SCREAM! :)  OOOH 30,000 files - can I have some more?  Oh
> nice, 55,000 folders - yum!
> Yes that is common - I am always moving huge numbers of things around.  I
> rip a lot of sites, backup customer systems, etc.
> Oh another thing nice would B able 2 read AND write to NTFS compressed file
> system from the 95 shell. Can read using a 'sysinternals' program, but not
> write :(  Maybe soon!  There is also a program called 'write everything',
> but it is expensive.  Reason being U can about double the space with big
> volumes of small files using the compression thingy.
> It's like most things in the world - the more layers of bullshit U peel
> away, the more it's all revealed 2 B a web of scams - vast web of intricate
> scams.  I am very anti-scam.  I am result-oriented.  Like when I discover
> that I can use a 20" diameter tube that costs me $30 instead of an $800 CNC
> fabbed cabinet, & the tubular version actually EXCEEDS the performance, I
> stop making the high priced version, not try & keep the superior solution a
> fucking SECRET!
> U know, opposite of those oil companies - buying up the rail & mass transit,
> so they could DESTROY it, & rip everybody off with cars & gas they don't
> need.  It would be nice if more people were solution oriented like ma'self.
> We can build a better world.
> L8R ~!~
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