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Date:      Fri, 8 Jan 1999 22:03:54 -0000
From:      "Barry Scott" <>
To:        "Freebsd-Isdn@Freebsd. Org" <freebsd-isdn@FreeBSD.ORG>
Subject:   How do I submit my code changes?
Message-ID:  <000101be3b52$c86ee360$060110ac@barrynt.private>

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	I have the U.K billing modifications designed, implemented
	and debugged. I am using the code in production now.

	What do need to do to submit the code?

	What documentation is required?

	Should I be adding copyright to the code I have added?

	Below is an overview of the changes.


	Here is an overview of the changes.


	Fix rates.h/rates.c. Two bugs found:

	1) only hour field used to select a rate.
	2) a range like 18.00 to 00.00 does not work.

	To fix (1) store time as minutes since midnight
	not hour and minute values.

	To fix (2) convert 00.00 to 24.00 so end_time is greater then the

	Added an extra check to the parsing code end_time must be after


	Added an enum to enumerate all the shorthold algorithms to be used.
	Placed all the shorthold data into a shorthold data struct. Embed that
	struct everywhere shorthold data is used. e.g. the driver, layer4 and

	The algorithm is set by a tag in the isdnd.rc file.

	add switch on the algorithm to call out to algorithm unique code. There are
	two switches. (1) for idle time setup and (2) for idle time checking.

	All the old shorthold code has been moved asis into a setup, check

	I call the old algorithm "fixed unit" and the new algorithm "variable
	(I'm sure that better names can and should be found.)

	The variable unit algorithm work as follows.

	Wait for the first unit to nearly expire. Nearly being 1 second before the
	end of the unit.

	Then check for the link being idle for idletime seconds once a second.

	The reason for starting to check 1 second before the end
	of the unit is because the drivers timing is rounded to second granularity
	in many places and I do not wish to go over the one unit before checking
	for an idle link.


	Suggestion rename the symbol SECOND to be less confusing. Try
	SECOND is a great name for a symbol that represents an interval
	of one second.


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