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Date:      Thu, 5 Feb 2009 20:33:16 -0500
From:      "Jean-Paul Natola" <>
To:        "Vince Sabio" <>
Subject:   RE: newsletter APP NOT listserve
Message-ID:  <>
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Ideally, stats,  subscribe, unsubscribe, and let the person in charge =
the ability to  be able to select the recipients for a particular letter
based on a field or combination of two fields. i.e.  send to all =
that are "doctors"  or send to all contacts that are "doctors" and are =
in the
"HIV" prevention program- upload lists can be csv txt excel  doesnt =

GUI would be great for managing contacts because if the the contacts =
changes i want the user to be able to login and change his address or =

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From: Vince Sabio []
Sent: Thu 2/5/2009 20:20
To: Jean-Paul Natola
Subject: Re: newsletter APP NOT listserve
** At 09:31 -0500 on 02/05/2009, Jean-Paul Natola wrote:

>Can anyone recommend a newsletter application , preferably where I can =
>have an ordinary user login via a webpage , upload a file/message/ and =

What are the requirements/characteristics of the "newsletter app"=20
you're looking for? Does it need to have stats/campaign tracking? Is=20
a web interface required, or can the user simply format and send his=20
e-mail message via e-mail to the server? Does it need to provide the=20
ability for users to subscribe and unsubscribe themselves? How will=20
the newsletter owner upload his list? What format will (should?) the=20
list be in when he uploads it? How large will the lists be? If they=20
are small enough, then most mail clients should be able to provide=20
the basic functionality of sending a newsletter to a list.

>I was playing with mailman , but that seems to be a list serve app.

The proper term is "list server," so as not to confuse with=20
"Listserv," which is a copyrighted product (developed by Eric Thomas=20
and L-Soft).

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