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Date:      Wed, 16 May 2007 22:19:54 +0200
From:      Peter Schuller <>
To:        Erik Osterholm <>,  Peter Schuller <>,
Subject:   Re: Stable many-port SATA controller recommendations
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> I'm definitely interested in hearing your results.

Still looking encouraging with 7 drives plugged in. I have had a couple
of issues that may or may not have anything to do with the controller
support. I will send an update in a few days or so when I know more.

> Also, what is the
> model of the drives you're using with this card?

6 Seagate ST3320620AS (320 GB, SATA I) drives and one Maxtor 7V250F0
(250 GB, SATA II).

Note that it is a PCI-X card. It works fine in the plain PCI slot on
this motherboard, and the place I bought it from said they had tested it
in at least one PCI motherboard.

By your name you may be in Sweden; so FYI I purchased these cards from
Mullet ( They're the only supplier I have found that
carries this locally. It's a shame really since it's such a good card
given the price.

/ Peter Schuller

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