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Date:      30 Apr 1998 11:06:13 -0500
Cc:        questions@FreeBSD.ORG
Subject:   Re[2]: Internet Monitoring software
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     Hello Doug-
     Well!  A vague question (which was intentional BTW) gets a vague 
     answer (intentional as well I'm sure!).  We're thinking about 1) 
     whether or not to monitor internet traffic for liability and security 
     purposes, and 2) how to do it.  I suppose we could monitor volume, 
     times and duration of usage, among other things.  I've got a FreeBSD 
     box working here, and know if anything is capable of these things, it 
     is.  I guess I'm a little new to the admin side of the internet, so 
     I'm looking for any suggestions at all about what it takes to do these 
     things, and if FreeBSD is a good choice.
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Subject: Re: Internet Monitoring software
Author: at INTERNET
Date:    4/29/98 3:46 PM

On 23 Apr 1998 wrote:
>      What would it take to have FreeBSD monitor internet access by a mixed 
>      client base (Win 3.11, NT 4.0, Unix) from our location.  Does this 
>      need to be setup on a firewall or a proxy gateway?  Or can a FreeBSD 
>      on our subnet do this?  In general, what software is involved?
Monitor in what way?  
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