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Date:      Tue, 28 Dec 2004 17:29:44 -0500
From:      "Frank J. Laszlo" <>
To:        Kiffin Gish <>
Subject:   Re: Looking for 'ideal' web-server partitions
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In-Reply-To: <000001c4ed24$d08bb980$9900000a@ZGISH>
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Kiffin Gish wrote:

>I want to create a web server for a few personal web sites (virtual named
>hosts) using Apache, Perl, PHP and MySQL. Maybe later using mod_perl and
>No mail servers or other complicated stuff, just a plain-vanilla web server
>for the general public and an average visitor traffic of below 1000 per day.
>I have 40G to use up on an AMD Sempron 1300+ with 512MB and was just
>wondering what would be a good way to divvy up the partitions. I was
>thinking something like this:
>SWAP		1024M
>/ 		1057M
>/db		6.3G
>/usr		24G
>/var		4.2G
>/www		42G
>I've heard arguments for and against a separate /db and/or /tmp partition as
>well as using a /home. Also I see that there is a /usr/local/www directory
>already so perhaps the /www partition is not required. Is a separate /db
>partition really needed?
>I'm pretty confused and would like to setup my web server the right way once
>and for all. Are there any standard recipes and/or guides to figuring this
>out or is it just a bunch of guess work?
>How does this look?
I'm not even sure what exactly you would put on a /db partition, would 
this be like /var/db? and
/usr/local/www/data is the default DocumentRoot for apache. This can all 
be changed. Here is my take of
your configuration.

A) / is WAY too big. I generally allocate about 200M for /, if you are 
planning on not separating /tmp. Make it
     slightly larger, say 500M.
B) again, im not sure what you are trying to accomplish with /db
C) 4G for /var is pretty generous. I run a medium size webserver, and my 
/var is only 2G.
D) separating /www isnt really nescessary, though theres really no 
downside to this.

Here would be my partitioning sceme.

1024M - SWAP
300M - /
2G - /var
the rest - /usr

linking /tmp to /usr/tmp is generally a good idea in my book. Hope this 

    Frank Laszlo

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