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Date:      Sat, 12 Nov 2016 21:47:15 -0500
From:      Allen <>
Subject:   Re: LAME Package Question
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On Sat, 12 Nov 2016 22:57:52 +0000
Matthew Seaman <> wrote:

> On 12/11/2016 23:54, Allen wrote:
> > Seriously, I'm not sure exactly who it was who wrote PKG, or
> > designed it, or got it working so beautifully, and so nice, but
> > THANK YOU whoever you are!  
> but mostly
> 	Cheers,
> 	Matthew

Thank you :)

Seriously, if anyone sees this that helped out with that in any way;  I
thank you, and I Hope you all know that there are those of us out here
who not only appreciate the massive work you all do in putting FreeBSD
together, but there's even certain parts of the system, that are so
well done, it's nothing short of art!

I look at FreeBSD, and I see something that could EASILY contend with
Monet, and hold it's own.

FreeBSD is a Masterpiece and a technical wonder all rolled into one,
and if someone doesn't agree with that about BSD in general being a
Master Work of Art, that's OK, you can disagree, but I think it's
wonderful, and beautiful.

I actually remember one day talking on a Computer Security Forum, and I
had mentioned on there that I was watching the DVD "20 Years of
Berkeley Unix" which I had ordered from the FreeBSD Mall, and watching
one of my Heros, Marshal Kirk McKusick, speak at a huge BSD Conference
or something along those lines (If you don't have this DVD, you can of
course order it directly from his Web Site, and I FULLY Recommend that
if you can afford to do so, buy it!! It's GREAT, and it's VERY
interesting, and he's Hilarious!) </EndShamelessPlugFor Kirk>.

I had the pleasure of getting to speak to him over Email a few times,
and it's nice when you not only get to meet one of your Heros, but then
seeing that he's such a good guy, and was super nice to me, as I came
off as a Fan Boy or something lol.

Seriously, he was super nice, thanked me for my Email, and answered all
my questions, and was in general just great. I've met Krztoff from the
Band Bile, which is a good Industrial Band, and he's cool, and a huge
Misfits Fan, as am I, and I met Jerry Only, the Bass Player for The
Misfits, and I've also gotten to meet, talk to, and even exchange
Emails with both the guys from the Band Mortician, which is a Horror
Based Death Metal Band, and I LOVE that band, as I'm a huge Horror
Movie Fan, and so are they, and I like Music that's based on Horror
Movies, like The Misfits, White Zombie / Rob Zombie, Mortician, every
Horror Punk Band, every Psychobilly Band, and others of course, and I
was really surprised to see that Roger from Mortician was a total
Computer Geek like me, and he showed me his Work Desk, where he took
pictures for me of his set up, and even some of his oldschool Computers
(I think he had a PET set up on there as well, and he also showed me
some of his other boxes he used for making Music) so I've had the
pleasure of meeting some of my Musical Heros as well, and it was
awesome getting to talk to these people.

Anyway, so, at one point on the DVD, MKM was talking about how in
Germany they were using Unix for Dialysis or something along those
lines, and the Forum I was posting on, had a member who was totally
into Windows and Microsoft, and in general confused me with how he
actually LIKED running this stuff lol.

Well, he would always go on and on that there was nothing he couldn't
do on Windows that I could do on Unix, and so I said to put his money
where his mouth is, and asked him if HE was having Dialysis, would he
REALLY allow Windows NT, or 2000, or 2003 Server, to run HIS Machine,
if his life truly DID depend on that machine staying up and stable, and
I said that if I had to pick an OS that was going to run some vital
life function where a Crash could mean Death, my ONLY pick would be
BSD. The guy danced around the direct question I asked, and basically
didn't want to answer. But I think it proved my point; That when
Stability means life and death, it would take major brain damage to
think Windows NT was the answer lol.

Sorry about the huge reply to this, but I've been awake for like 2 days
now, and I'm exhausted, and I've been up longer than most Windows
Servers. ;)


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