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Date:      Wed, 31 Dec 2003 09:34:19 -0500
From:      ScaryG <>
To:        "Mark Zytkovicz" <>
Subject:   Re: I don't understand make world
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On Wed, 31 Dec 2003 07:47:50 -0500
"Mark Zytkovicz" <> wrote:

|O|>I followed the directions in the handbook and on various websites and
|O|>google searches to get my 5.0-RELEASE box up to -CURRENT (though uname
|O|>reports 5.2-RC, or does it just report wahtever "CURRENT" is?).

 Congrats. The first few times you do this it can seem overwhelming. 

 5.2-RC is a "release candidate" meaning the branch is frozen and pending
no major bug reports, it will become a release.

|O|>Anyways, I did the whole make buildworld make installworld stuff with
|O|>the new kernel and cvsup'ing and all, just like the handbook says, but
|O|>pkg_version -l \< reports over 130 packages that aren't up to date.

 buildworld/installworld updates your operating system.

 Your "ports" are an entirely different matter.

 I'm sure the online Handbook explains the differences and presents
different strategies on keeping everything up to date.

|O|>This was just on a machine to play around with the whole make world
|O|>thing since I've only ever cvsup'd my machines, so I can easily just
|O|>start over.  I'm assuming there's a way out from here, but I also want
|O|>to know how to do it correctly if I do start over and what I should
|O|>really be doing to stay -CURRENT.

 Sounds like a good idea [practising on a test machine first].
Unfortunately, updating your operating system can cause problems with your
installed ports. In some cases, you need to remove a ton of them and
rebuild. Some say PortUpgrade can do this fairly well on its own, however
I've found it pukes when you toss XWindows and GNOME or KDE into the mix
and you end up doing it manually anyway.

 Is there a "right way?" -- hard to say. There are so many variations in
setups out there that nothing I know of can figure out what's right for
you, and me, and the next guy.

 Deinstall the ports (all of them if you really feel like). Make sure your
ports tree has been updated (use cvsup) and re-install them. Re-read the
handbook chapter on ports and cvsup.

 Good luck!

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