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Date:      Fri, 31 Jan 97 23:14:22 +0000
Subject:   Re: PCI LKM: How to find object file from PCI ID ...
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> Since USB uses very similar device IDs and will require loading and
> unloading of LKMs whenever a device is connected or deconnected (USB
> supports hot-pluggable devices !), I would like to find a solution 
> that applies to USB, too. It is for that reason, that I consider the
> real and CPU times required to identify the LKM ...

Note that CardBus is essentially PCI squeezed into a PCMCIA card shape,
so this stuff will also affect pccardd in due course.

As people have been posting in the past few days about re-writing pccardd
and its config file format, perhaps this aspect needs considering
sooner rather than later?

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