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Date:      Fri, 28 Jan 2011 12:01:47 -0700
From:      Fred <>
Subject:   Re: wine questions
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Warren Block wrote:
> On Thu, 27 Jan 2011, Fred wrote:
>> I am interested in the Xeltek SuperPro-5000.  This unit will alsowork 
>> stand-alone with a CF card programmed by the PC in addition to usb.  
>> I believe the user software downloads a set of programming parameters 
>> and the file to be programmed rather than driving the programmer 
>> directly or otherwise do low level hardware stuff.  I am going to ask 
>> Xeltek if they will give a refund if I can't get the unit working in 
>> a reasonable time.  If it doesn't work I would otherwise be out of 
>> $1500.  I will not use Windows.
> There's a downloadable version of the software on the site.  If that 
> works acceptably, the final hurdle would be whether it can communicate 
> with the programmer by USB.  The site says it's USB 2.0 and installs 
> drivers on Windows, which doesn't bode well for the Wine/FreeBSD 
> setup. It may work, although you have to expect that any support call 
> will blame problems on the non-standard setup.
> It might be easier to start with open software and choose a programmer 
> that is supported by it.  For instance, devel/avrdude supports some 
> faster programmers.  Depends on what you need.
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Hi Warren,
I will try installing the Xeltek software as you suggest and go from 
there.  If I get it to work ok I will post what I did.

I use 680x0 and 8051 so the avr program isn't useful at this time.  I 
need to program SPLDs and flash.

Best regards,

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