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Date:      Sat, 3 Aug 2002 01:25:59 -0700
From:      "Crist J. Clark" <>
Subject:   CTLFLAG_SECURE patch for ip_fw.c
Message-ID:  <>

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You've asked for patches to ipfw@ in MAINTAINERS, luigi. To kill off
PR kern/39396 finally, just secure all of the read-write
ipfw(8)-related sysctl(8)s I can find. I've only included the one, but
I've got 'em for ip_fw2.c too; the patch is pretty much
identical. I'll putt them in both ip_fw{,2}.c in -CURRENT for a couple
of days before an MFC to -STABLE.

Index: ip_fw.c
RCS file: /export/freebsd/ncvs/src/sys/netinet/ip_fw.c,v
retrieving revision 1.188
diff -u -r1.188 ip_fw.c
--- ip_fw.c	22 Jun 2002 11:51:02 -0000	1.188
+++ ip_fw.c	12 Jul 2002 05:59:29 -0000
@@ -94,19 +94,19 @@
 MALLOC_DEFINE(M_IPFW, "IpFw/IpAcct", "IpFw/IpAcct chain's");
-SYSCTL_NODE(_net_inet_ip, OID_AUTO, fw, CTLFLAG_RW, 0, "Firewall");
-SYSCTL_INT(_net_inet_ip_fw, OID_AUTO, enable, CTLFLAG_RW,
+SYSCTL_NODE(_net_inet_ip, OID_AUTO, fw, CTLFLAG_RW | CTLFLAG_SECURE, 0, "Firewall");
     &fw_enable, 0, "Enable ipfw");
-SYSCTL_INT(_net_inet_ip_fw, OID_AUTO,one_pass,CTLFLAG_RW, 
+SYSCTL_INT(_net_inet_ip_fw, OID_AUTO,one_pass,CTLFLAG_RW | CTLFLAG_SECURE, 
     &fw_one_pass, 0, 
     "Only do a single pass through ipfw when using dummynet(4)");
-SYSCTL_INT(_net_inet_ip_fw, OID_AUTO, debug, CTLFLAG_RW, 
     &fw_debug, 0, "Enable printing of debug ip_fw statements");
-SYSCTL_INT(_net_inet_ip_fw, OID_AUTO, verbose, CTLFLAG_RW, 
+SYSCTL_INT(_net_inet_ip_fw, OID_AUTO, verbose, CTLFLAG_RW | CTLFLAG_SECURE, 
     &fw_verbose, 0, "Log matches to ipfw rules");
-SYSCTL_INT(_net_inet_ip_fw, OID_AUTO, verbose_limit, CTLFLAG_RW, 
+SYSCTL_INT(_net_inet_ip_fw, OID_AUTO, verbose_limit, CTLFLAG_RW | CTLFLAG_SECURE,
     &fw_verbose_limit, 0, "Set upper limit of matches of ipfw rules logged");
-SYSCTL_INT(_net_inet_ip_fw, OID_AUTO, permanent_rules, CTLFLAG_RW, 
+SYSCTL_INT(_net_inet_ip_fw, OID_AUTO, permanent_rules, CTLFLAG_RW | CTLFLAG_SECURE, 
     &fw_permanent_rules, 0, "Set rule number, below which rules are permanent");
@@ -175,27 +175,27 @@
 static u_int32_t dyn_count = 0 ;	/* # of dynamic rules */
 static u_int32_t dyn_max = 1000 ;	/* max # of dynamic rules */
-SYSCTL_INT(_net_inet_ip_fw, OID_AUTO, dyn_buckets, CTLFLAG_RW,
+SYSCTL_INT(_net_inet_ip_fw, OID_AUTO, dyn_buckets, CTLFLAG_RW | CTLFLAG_SECURE,
     &dyn_buckets, 0, "Number of dyn. buckets");
 SYSCTL_INT(_net_inet_ip_fw, OID_AUTO, curr_dyn_buckets, CTLFLAG_RD,
     &curr_dyn_buckets, 0, "Current Number of dyn. buckets");
 SYSCTL_INT(_net_inet_ip_fw, OID_AUTO, dyn_count, CTLFLAG_RD,
     &dyn_count, 0, "Number of dyn. rules");
-SYSCTL_INT(_net_inet_ip_fw, OID_AUTO, dyn_max, CTLFLAG_RW,
+SYSCTL_INT(_net_inet_ip_fw, OID_AUTO, dyn_max, CTLFLAG_RW | CTLFLAG_SECURE,
     &dyn_max, 0, "Max number of dyn. rules");
 SYSCTL_INT(_net_inet_ip_fw, OID_AUTO, static_count, CTLFLAG_RD,
     &static_count, 0, "Number of static rules");
-SYSCTL_INT(_net_inet_ip_fw, OID_AUTO, dyn_ack_lifetime, CTLFLAG_RW,
+SYSCTL_INT(_net_inet_ip_fw, OID_AUTO, dyn_ack_lifetime, CTLFLAG_RW | CTLFLAG_SECURE,
     &dyn_ack_lifetime, 0, "Lifetime of dyn. rules for acks");
-SYSCTL_INT(_net_inet_ip_fw, OID_AUTO, dyn_syn_lifetime, CTLFLAG_RW,
+SYSCTL_INT(_net_inet_ip_fw, OID_AUTO, dyn_syn_lifetime, CTLFLAG_RW | CTLFLAG_SECURE,
     &dyn_syn_lifetime, 0, "Lifetime of dyn. rules for syn");
-SYSCTL_INT(_net_inet_ip_fw, OID_AUTO, dyn_fin_lifetime, CTLFLAG_RW,
+SYSCTL_INT(_net_inet_ip_fw, OID_AUTO, dyn_fin_lifetime, CTLFLAG_RW | CTLFLAG_SECURE,
     &dyn_fin_lifetime, 0, "Lifetime of dyn. rules for fin");
-SYSCTL_INT(_net_inet_ip_fw, OID_AUTO, dyn_rst_lifetime, CTLFLAG_RW,
+SYSCTL_INT(_net_inet_ip_fw, OID_AUTO, dyn_rst_lifetime, CTLFLAG_RW | CTLFLAG_SECURE,
     &dyn_rst_lifetime, 0, "Lifetime of dyn. rules for rst");
-SYSCTL_INT(_net_inet_ip_fw, OID_AUTO, dyn_udp_lifetime, CTLFLAG_RW,
+SYSCTL_INT(_net_inet_ip_fw, OID_AUTO, dyn_udp_lifetime, CTLFLAG_RW | CTLFLAG_SECURE,
     &dyn_udp_lifetime, 0, "Lifetime of dyn. rules for UDP");
-SYSCTL_INT(_net_inet_ip_fw, OID_AUTO, dyn_short_lifetime, CTLFLAG_RW,
+SYSCTL_INT(_net_inet_ip_fw, OID_AUTO, dyn_short_lifetime, CTLFLAG_RW | CTLFLAG_SECURE,
     &dyn_short_lifetime, 0, "Lifetime of dyn. rules for other situations");
 SYSCTL_INT(_net_inet_ip_fw, OID_AUTO, dyn_grace_time, CTLFLAG_RD,
     &dyn_grace_time, 0, "Grace time for dyn. rules");

Crist J. Clark                     |
                                   |    |

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