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Date:      Thu, 10 Nov 2016 18:11:51 +0100
From:      diffusae <>
Subject:   Re: How to change MAC address on RPI-B?
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I've tried both, but not at the same time. To override the burned-in MAC
at bootime doesn't work on FreeBSD. It works on Linux, but only the
promiscuous mode works as aspected with the FreeBSD RPi build.

On 09.11.2016 23:16, John W. Kitz wrote:

> JKi: Doesn't that depend on the sequence of events at boot time?

I don't think so. The serial number is hard-coded on the RPi. As I know,
you could change it, but with a parameter in CONFIG.TXT it doesn't
work. That's also the reason, why I like to change it. I have used a RPI
with a faulty power connector and suddenly the MAC address was changing
after reboot (this happens only once).

> JKi: I'm curious, are you just in the process of confirming that it can be
> done or do you actually have some purpose for this and if yes, what is it?

I've look into the FDT file with dtc and found the following string:

mac-address = [00 00 00 00 00 00];

So, I guess it should be possible to change it. I tried it and the the
auto configuration of the MAC remains. Maybe I've done something wrong.


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