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Date:      Fri, 29 Sep 2006 10:32:19 -0500
From:      Drew Sanford <>
To:        "Thomas T. Veldhouse" <>
Subject:   Re: Periodic Emails are not coming
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Thomas T. Veldhouse wrote:
> Abid Saigol wrote:
>> Hello,
>> Recently, the daily/weekly/monthly periodic emails have stopped 
>> coming from one of my servers.  There were no changes made of the 
>> system, except that part of the filesystem was exported as an NFS 
>> share.  These shares are setup on another FreeBSD machine for 
>> automount.  I have checked my /etc and /var/logs and cannot find any 
>> reason for the mails to have stopped.  Any help and guidance will be 
>> greatly appreciated.  Here are some of the relevant files:
> Have you inadvertently aliased the root user to another user?  Or 
> perhaps you deleted an alias and should be looking in the "root" mailbox?
> I have virtual mail setup on my systems and I lost periodic emails as 
> well until I configured postfix correctly to consider my local 
> machine's hostname as an acceptable recipient.  I now alias root to 
> the virtual user I want to receive these emails.
I had this same thing happen recently on one of my machines, but it was 
one I use for my desktop. They stopped for me when I installed KDE, 
upgrading from enlightenment. I don't know if there's something going on 
with a particular update or not, but honestly, the mails don't even 
appear to be getting generated, which is to say, I don't know if the job 
is even being run. Can you determine if the job is being run for you or not?

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