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Date:      Fri, 29 Sep 2006 11:56:05 -0400
From:      Abid Saigol <>
To:        "Thomas T. Veldhouse" <>
Subject:   Re: Periodic Emails are not coming
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   Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.
   My aliases file was setup properly, but I have discovered that it
   wasn't compiled (I hadn't run "makealiases" for courier-mta).  When I
   tried to send mail to root ("#mail root"), it failed.  However, after
   running makealiases I was able to send mail to root.  I will know
   tomorrow am whether this means that periodic will run successfully.
   Since the maillog showed successful transmission of other messages, I
   automatically assumed that the problem was not with mail
   Thanks for the help.
   Thomas T. Veldhouse wrote:

     Abid Saigol wrote:

     Recently, the daily/weekly/monthly periodic emails have stopped
     coming from one of my servers.  There were no changes made of the
     system, except that part of the filesystem was exported as an NFS
     share.  These shares are setup on another FreeBSD machine for
     automount.  I have checked my /etc and /var/logs and cannot find
     any reason for the mails to have stopped.  Any help and guidance
     will be greatly appreciated.  Here are some of the relevant files:

     Have you inadvertently aliased the root user to another user?  Or
     perhaps you deleted an alias and should be looking in the "root"
     I have virtual mail setup on my systems and I lost periodic emails
     as well until I configured postfix correctly to consider my local
     machine's hostname as an acceptable recipient.  I now alias root to
     the virtual user I want to receive these emails.
     Tom Veldhouse

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