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Date:      Sun, 11 Jan 2009 19:13:34 -0800
Subject:   Re: FIXED: vpnc connects, but does not work
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> I also have this problem, the difference being that mine
> **USED to** work, but now it suddenly stoped working.
> I tried adding the line to my conf file as you did, but
> for me, the problem remains:

> Appears to connect and authenticate successfully to my office's
> VPN concentrator Once (apparently) connected, I can't access any
> resources on the company network (mail / servers, etc), nor can
> I ping anything..,

Including the IP address of your tun0 interface?  (If you can ping
that, but nothing beyond, you have a different problem than I had.)

> Wondering if you can point me to where you found the info on the
> various options I can try to continue debugging this problem,
> please.

That line came from the output of "vpnc --long-help".
Other things to look at are the vpnc(8) manpage, the
/usr/local/share/doc/vpnc/README file, and the TODO
file in /usr/ports/security/vpnc/work/vpnc-0.4.0.

There's more detail of what I think is going on in this thread:
By the time you get it working again, you will probably have learned
more about the workings of vpnc than you really cared to know :)

> The FW guys at the office aren't exactly forthcoming where non-MS
> windows is concerned, you see..,

Not surprising :(  Too many security types act as if obscurity
helped security, not realizing that it inconveniences only their
customers and not their enemies.

Any chance they would be willing to say what config change they made
on their end about the time it stopped working, without reference to
what is running on your end?  Another thing to check is whether your
ISP changed something.

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