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Date:      Fri, 11 Dec 2009 07:30:01 -0500
From:      Carmel <>
Subject:   'X' vs. 'Mouse'
Message-ID:  <BLU0-SMTP40FC57ABA500A9F9C1DADB938C0@phx.gbl>

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Honestly, did the 'X' developers go out of their way to break mouse,
and to a lesser degree, keyboard support when upgrading? This forum has
been riddled with questions on why their hardware (mouse) has stopped
working and how to get it working again. If Microsoft had pulled a
bone-headed stunt like this, they would be chastised; however, hardly a
word has been uttered regarding the poor choices made by the 'X'
development team. I question whether they actually tested this product
prior to releasing it. I have been following a few forums besides this
one and they all report the same problem. I realize that 'HAL' has
something to do with this situation also. Perhaps if all the concerned
parties would get their acts together this sort of fiasco would not
continually happen.

It is really hard to push the merits of an operating system when you
have to give detailed instructions to the potential end user on how to
get a "mouse" to work, when all they have to do in a Win32 based system
is plug it in. I really cannot fathom a seven year old having to modify
an XML document to facilitate their playing a "How to Spell" CD,
assuming that they could even get the CD operational.




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