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Date:      Thu, 15 May 2003 12:26:46 -0500
From:      "Brian K. West" <>
To:        =?iso-8859-1?Q?Sten_Daniel_S=F8rsdal?= <>, "Jason Kocol" <>, <>
Subject:   Re: ipfw + dummynet: bandwidth limiting not working
Message-ID:  <05cc01c31b07$293d7380$951c2641@dell01>
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Or atleast number your rules... so that it falls after the pipe config.

And check out sysctl net.inet.ip.fw.one_pass


----- Original Message ----- 
From: "Sten Daniel Sørsdal" <>
To: "Jason Kocol" <>; <>
Sent: Thursday, May 15, 2003 12:22 PM
Subject: RE: ipfw + dummynet: bandwidth limiting not working

> I am running FreeBSD 4.8 STABLE and am trying to use dummynet
> with ipfw to
> limit bandwidth on my DSL connection.  I have added the rules
> for dummynet
> to my existing firewall rules in rc.firewall (which are
> pretty open as you
> can see) in the last two lines below:
> ipfw -f flush
> ipfw add divert natd all from any to any via vx0
> ipfw add pass all from any to any
> ipfw pipe 1 config bw 128K
> ipfw add pipe 1 tcp from x.x.x.x to any
> (x.x.x.x being my public IP address, and vx0 in line 2 being
> the interface
> for this address)
> By those last two lines I would expect the outbound/inbound
> traffic to be
> limited to 128Kbps, yet I am still able to transfer data at my normal
> broadband speeds (1.5Mb/768Kb).
> Anyone have any idea why this is not working the way I'd expect it to?

Remove the line that says 'ipfw add pass all from any to any' and it should

- Sten
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