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Date:      Fri, 07 Mar 2003 12:22:00 -0600
From:      "Charles S. Libby" <>
To:        freebsd-newbies@FreeBSD.ORG
Cc:        scott mcclellan <>
Subject:   Re: Installing with floppies
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scott mcclellan wrote:

>I wrote an earlier thread with regards to installing via CD-ROM.
>Unfortunately I think I have a hardware technical problem that's beyond
>my intellect at this point. (Get a FAILURE error when the boot process
>starts - the CD hadn't even started humming yet)
>I've started the installation process a couple of times with the
>floppies. In fact, I must have something on the computer (meaning
>FreeBSD of some sort) after having used the 'kern' and 'mfsroot' disks.
>My question is, "Do you need to load all the distribution files when it
>asks you to, or is the OS actually on my system at this point, and I
>just don't know what the heck (censored) I'm doing.
>My problem with the distribution downloads is I apparently have a couple
>of bad disks, and each time the system finds that it can't access one of
>the files, it shuts down the loading process.
I had the same problem with my machine.  I have FreeBSD 4.5 Running on a 
P133 and I had used that machine to play.  I had to delete the 
partitions from a previous Linux install.  The easiest way is to use an 
MSDOS boot floppy (maybe 98 recovery disk) and do an fdisk.  Create an 
MSpartition.  I delete this later when I do an entire disk install, 
(2Gig) but it worked.  I had to boot from a floppy and install it from 
the CDROM.  I am about to upgrade to 5.0 on that machine ( When I get 
the time)

>I've finally gotten smart and have vtty2 on the monitor so I can see
>which disk goes awry, but this doesn't make the process go any easier,
>since when the loading stops, I have to start the distribution download
>all the way from the beginning again. Is there anyway to start the
>distribution download process where it last left off? (This is why I was
>hoping the CD-ROM route would work - unfortunately NOT!!)
>I hate beating myself up over this process, but I'm beginning to feel
>like the ULTIMATE NEWBIE with this.
I have been playing at this part time for three years now and I still 
feel like the Ultimate Newbie.  I still have not figured out how to get 
my palm to connect using the serial port, but since it is not necessary 
for me at this time, I have put it off.  Installing the system and 
becoming familar with how it works is much more important at this time, 
or lack of time.  Welcome to the CLUB!!!

Charles Libby

>Someone toss me a preserver.
>Scott McClellan
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