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Date:      Tue, 13 Dec 2016 21:14:15 +0100
From:      Harry Schmalzbauer <>
To:        Cody Swanson <>
Cc:        freebsd-questions <>
Subject:   Re: No pkg(8) database found! 11.0-RELEASE DVD based setup. What next?
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Bezüglich Cody Swanson's Nachricht vom 13.12.2016 20:48 (localtime):
> I'm not familiar with GUI pkg management in FreeBSD as I don't use X on any of my FreeBSD hosts however TrueOS has a GUI for package management. TrueOS is the new name for PC-BSD which is a distribution of FreeBSD targeted at desktop/laptop users. You may be able to install the TrueOS/PCBSD package management gui on FreeBSD or you may want to simply install TrueOS. That's what I chose for my daughter's laptop.

Thanks four your suggestion, I had that in mind, but she's not very tech
oriented (yet at least).
So primary goal is to give her the chance to learn something if she
wants to, or otherwise protecting myself from having to take care about
another alien!!!
I have _no_ time looking into TrueOS and my doughter should learn to
decide if she wants to do things the native way or the consumer way.
If FreeBSD doesn't fit, Windows will do; or what ever she will want to
try out herself one day...

The reason I got FreeBSD senior was solely because of the earliest
feelings of success.
There was no magic, no unlogical convention, and the limited feature set
did exactly what it promised. I hadn't ever go to bed with unachieved
goals which ended in »mustn't be possible that this doesn't work out of
the box, but can't find my mistake«. I always had success or the chance
to find out what _I_ made wrong. Now I'm close to 2017 and sitting
infront a basic FreeBSD setup and can't find out what _I_ made wrong :-(

I've found dozends questions out there, back to 10.0-RELEASE, that DVD
setup doesn't work... With such geniuos advices to setup poudriere ;-)

So now FreeBSD released 11.0 and it seems we're scaring off newbies for
two years?!?!

I highly appreciate all the great work _everybody_ does for FreeBSD!
But I'm stunned how FreeBSD presents itself to new users today. Sadly,
that matches my overall pkg picture I have from the other side of the
user base...

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