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Date:      Thu, 15 Jan 2009 16:02:47 -0800 (PST)
From:      ThinkDifferently <>
Subject:   Re: Help needed w/ HighPoint RocketRAID 3120 on FreeBSD 7.1-RELEASE
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Michael Powell-6 wrote:
> In your motherboard BIOS is there any entry that controls which controller
> boots first? If so set it to boot from the add-in card first instead of
> the
> onboard controller.

In my BIOS there is the following...
Hard Disk Boot Priority   [Press Enter]
     1. SCSI-0:    :  RocketRAID 3120 SATA C
     2. Bootable Add-in Cards
First Boot Device          [CDROM]
Second Boot Device      [Hard Disk]
Third Boot Device         [USB-FDD]

For grins, I tried making Hard Disk the first boot device and disabling the
others.  I also tried moving the card to another PCI slot.  Finally, I tried
shutting off any unnecessary devices on the mobo to include the unused
serial & parallel headers, usb, firewire, etc.

Nothing changed.

On reset...
1) The RocketRAID card beeps.
2) The motherboard BIOS screen is displayed.
3) The RocketRAID BIOS screen is displayed.
4) It shows all devices that are enabled and their interrupt settings.
5) It tries to boot from the "Hard Disk", which is set to "SCSI-0:    : 
RocketRAID 3120 SATA C".
6) It resets and the above repeats.

In the table of devices that I mention in #4, above, see the attached image. 
It shows up as "RAID Cntrlr".  In this screenshot, just about everything
else is turned off. 

Michael Powell-6 wrote:
> Also ensure that in the Highpoint card BIOS INT 13 is 
> "on", should be this way by default.

Yes, that is enabled.
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