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Date:      Sun, 13 May 2007 20:15:16 -0500
From:      Jeffrey Goldberg <>
To:        Ernest Sales <>
Subject:   Re: sendmail init error: Can't assign requested address
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On May 13, 2007, at 5:07 PM, Ernest Sales wrote:

> A laptop running 6-STABLE is connected to the Internet thru a DSL
> modem-router doing NAT. It gets a dynamic local IP (fairly recurring
> at every boot. Of course there is no FQDN for this host.

I'm not entirely sure if this will solve your problem but you can set  
up a FQDN for that IP without causing any conflicts.  If you have a  
"public" domain name, say, than you could set up a  

and locally run your own DNS server to serve for that domain, and to  
forward DNS requests for all other domains.  You can also make that  
some local DNS server do reverse lookups in without  
worries as long as DNS queries are only coming from within your local  

Also, try to configure your DHCP server (on your modem-router) to  
always give the same IP address to your laptop (you can do this by  
associating an IP with the hardware ethernet (or wireless) MAC address.


Jeffrey Goldberg              

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