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Date:      Tue, 16 Oct 2001 09:14:13 -0700
From:      "Ted Mittelstaedt" <>
To:        "Doug Hass" <>
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Subject:   RE: FYI
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>Subject: RE: FYI
>> There is depending on the price.  I'll freely admit however that I have not
>> priced the competitive serial sync cards that are currently supported
>> under FreeBSD, so I don't know how the WANic 400 or 500 stacks up against
>> them.  For all I know right now there's someone just bringing a T1
>> card to the market with integrated CSU that sells for $30 per card which
>> would make this entire discussion moot.
>$30 per card?  Do tell, do tell.  I'll buy 10,000 of them right now, and
>pay you $60 a card to buy them for me.
>What company would be foolish enough to offer a $30 T1 card?  I have my
>credit card ready!

:-)  That was an example only, exaggerated to illustrate a point.  But, it's a
with some validity too - if T1 circuits were as common as DSL circuits, and
DSL circuits were like T1's in volume, you would see ADSL chipsets at the sync
port chipset pricing levels, and sync port chipsets at the $30 range.  As you
pointed out this is a volume thing.  Before anyone would dump $50K into a
special order of WANic 400 cards, you would need to do a comparison of what's
currently available in the market.

As someone else pointed out in this forum, the Hitachi chipset is an older
I'm sure that it's probably possible today to design a sync controller chip
sells for a lot less than the Hitachi part, perhaps even under the $30 level.
Certainly, async chips sell at that level in volume.  It's too bad that IBM
decide to put a sync serial port on the original XT. :-)

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