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Date:      Mon, 26 Jun 95  2:32:12 +0100
Subject:   NFS file locking
Message-ID:  <"monorail:7738-950626013212-BA25*/G=Andrew/S=Gordon/O=Net-Tel Computer Systems Ltd/PRMD=NET-TEL/ADMD=Gold 400/C=GB/"@MHS>

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I just installed a new FreeBSD box to replace our old (slowly dying) NFS
fileserver.  Unfortunately, I discover that FreeBSD does not have rpc.statd
nor rpc.lockd - which didn't matter as a client, but causes indigestion to
our other clients when FreeBSD is used as a server:

Jun 26 01:51:31 hst rpc.statd[177]: rpc.statd: cannot talk to statd at
Jun 26 01:52:16 hst last message repeated 3 times


1) Am I right in believing that this stuff doesn't exist in FreeBSD 2.0.5?
   (seems like it, from looking at previous discussion in the lists

2) Any work-in-progress that I might assist with?  Or any previous
   discussion of how this ought to be implemented in FreeBSD?

3) If not, any pointers to the spec so I can have a go at implementing
   from scratch?  If I can just dummy up the protocol to keep the other
   machines happy, I would be back in business, and one step on the way
   to doing the whole job.

Any info/ideas greatfully received....


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