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Date:      Wed, 26 Jan 2000 14:24:20 -0800
From:      Alfred Perlstein <>
To:        David Richardson <>
Cc:        freebsd-questions@FreeBSD.ORG
Subject:   Re: freebsd capabilities
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* David Richardson <> [000126 09:48] wrote:
> I am considering using FreeBSD for a new project and need to know a
> little about its limits and capabilities. I wasn't able to find this
> information in the handbook or on the website, so would
> appreciate any answers or pointers to documents I missed.
> The Project:
> I need to develop a high speed network sniffer in order to debug an
> application running on Windows NT. The sniffer needs to capture traffic
> at 200-300Mbps (25MBps-38MBps) and write packets (or at least headers)
> to disk, limited only by the amount of disk. Our NT application runs on
> a dual PIII 600, using sysKonnect or Alteon Gigabit Ethernet cards and
> writes upwards of 200Mbps to disk using software RAID 0; I assume I
> would need a similar configuration for the FreeBSD box. My questions
> include:
> - what is the maximum filesize (we would exceed 2GB in less than 2
> minutes)?

FreeBSD != Linux, I'm pretty sure our files are 64bit safe, maybe
only 63bit actually, but you definetly won't hit a filesize limit.

> - what is the state of SMP support (the SMP project page is out of
> date)?

so-so, however the application you're developing doesn't seem like
it'd needs multiple processors

> - are there any vinum limitations that would prevent me from capturing
> ~100GB worth of traffic?

Not afaik.

> - any other limits?

Not sure, let us know. :)

> Any information or comments on the viability of the project would be
> very helpful.
> Thanks,
>  - David

-Alfred Perlstein - [|]

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