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Date:      Mon,  5 Feb 1996 13:32:11 -0500 (EST)
From:      Matthew Jason White <mwhite+@CMU.EDU>
Subject:   Re: your mail
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Excerpts from internet.computing.freebsd-questions: 4-Feb-96 Re: your
mail by Doug White@riley-net170- 
> If I remember correctly, getting the PS/2 Mouse (psm0) working requires
> some kernel hacking, specifically removing the existence test from the
> appropriate source file.  Check the questions archive and see if you can
> find the original message(s). 
> I DO hope this is fixed for 2.2-current.

He could have a bus mouse, which would use the mse0 driver.  I used that
for a while when I had an ATI Mach8 and had no troubles.

Try compiling the kernel with the mse0 driver installed.  Do your
MAKEDEV, if necessary, and symlink /dev/mse0 to /dev/mouse.  Then make
sure your /etc/XF86Config says the mouse device is /dev/mouse.  You
should then be ready to rock.  There are some other configuration things
you can do with a mouse, but they aren't usually necessary.


Matt White
Production Director, WRCT Pittsburgh  88.3fm

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