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Date:      Fri, 02 Feb 2007 14:04:47 +0000
From:      Vince <>
To:        Arindam <>
Subject:   Re: SSH woes
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Arindam wrote:
> I have a Pentium III 733 Mhz box with 512 MB RAM running FreeBSD 6.1.
> I also have a second box with Fedora Core 2. I tried connecting to my
> FreeBSD box using ssh from my Fedora Core 2 machine.
> # ssh -l root <myFreeBSD box>
> Password:
> Password:
> Password:
> It kept asking me for Password: although everytime I put the correct
> value. I tried out clearing the .ssh* files in my home directories and
> trying to reconnect. None of it worked.
> Where am I going wrong.

By default Freebsd will not allow root login via ssh. best bet is to add
your  non root user to wheel and login as that user, then su to root. If
you really need to login as root you need to edit /etc/ssh/sshd_config
but then again the only reason to allow remote root logins rather than
using su/sudo i can think of is laziness ;)


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