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Date:      Wed, 19 Apr 1995 01:25:10 +0900 (JST)
From:      Atsushi Murai <>
To: (Ken Whedbee)
Subject:   Re: PPP and dynamic IPs
Message-ID:  <>
In-Reply-To: <> from "Ken Whedbee" at Apr 18, 95 09:12:38 am

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Hello. I am sleepy....But....

> I'm connecting to the internet (from FreeBSD2.0 patched) through
> a dialup PPP (Internet Service Provider) account which assigns
> an IP number dynamically.  My question is, do I have to setup 
> anything in my /etc/hosts and /etc/host.conf files or should my
> machine become aware of its IP automagically ?
> Do I need to specify my hostname in the /etc/hosts file ?

If you are using ppp/pppd on your FreeBSD2.0, they will negotiate to
peer (Provider) for your and|or Peer IP address each other. In your
case, you just set up Provider IP address as permanent and your IP is
given by your Provider. The key is you just need your IP address and
Provider IP address as default route but not your name
(i.e. on your side.

> What order should DNS lookup and /etc/hosts lookup be in the /etc/host.conf
> file ?

So doesn't matter not exist your IP address/IP name pair in these file.

> I was tring to talk to the ISP's nntp server (telnet to the port number)
> and it was saying "host not in nntp access file .. error code 502".
> The ISP claims their floating IPs are in the nntp access file.  If I
> ping myself it shows the dynamically assigned IP.

On Provider side, ppp will assign your IP address as Dynamically and
Your IP name should be assined as *statically*. Otherwise they can't
provide a service indivually site/person....Addition, specifically
with NNTP, Only containing your IP name in nntp access file but not IP
address, right?

> Any insights ?

Ask the provider this point, if they can't resolve, I recommend you
should better choosing other provider...

> -- 
> Ken Whedbee

Good Luck and night...

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